Can Yaman and Diletta: she shows off her skills with a dance on social media, and he indulges his admirers.

Can Yaman and Diletta: she shows off her skills with a dance on social media, and he indulges his admirers.

Can Yaman and his girlfriend Diletta Leotta continue to be at the center of the media news. The latest Gossip of these hours, in fact, reveals that between the two lovers everything is going on in the best way, although for some time now they no longer appear together on social networks. Yet, both continue to use them. Diletta, for example, in the last few hours has tried her hand at a sexy dance together with her radio companion Daniele Battaglia, while Can has returned to give himself to his fans, after the misunderstandings of recent days.
Diletta Leotta goes wild in a sexy dance on social networks

In detail, Diletta Leotta among the stories of her official Instagram profile has published a series of videos in which she goes wild with a dance that is depopulated on social networks.

The sports anchorwoman, in fact, on the notes of the song "Iko Iko", engages in a dance that has not gone unnoticed by her many fans, also due to the fact that Diletta shows off her dizzying curves that have made even the Turkish actor protagonist of DayDreamer and Mr. Wrong lose his mind.

However, alongside Diletta, in this ballet, there is not Can Yaman but the radio host Daniele Battaglia who, every day, leads a radio program with Leotta.

New controversy against Can Yaman who shuns his fans

A different situation, however, for the Turkish actor who in recent days has found himself involved in the center of another controversy on social media.

Can Yaman, in fact, has been immortalized while on his way out of the Roman building where he lives, he ran away without greeting the many fans who were waiting for him and who wanted to receive even the slightest smile.

The videos in question have made the rounds of the web and social networks, to the point that many have pointed the finger at the star of DayDreamer, emphasizing the fact that he had even become a rude guy.

The gesture of Can Yaman who went back to concede himself to his admirers

In the last few hours, however, Can has decided to do something about it and he has done so by "granting" himself again to the many admirers who, every day, stop him in the street and who wish to receive a greeting from him.

On Instagram, in fact, have appeared several selfies posted by fans, who managed to catch the Turkish actor and take a picture together.

In this way, then, the Turkish actor has re-established again that "pact of loyalty" with his beloved Italian audience that in recent years has consecrated his success on television. In the meantime, from next May 31, Can will be back to be the protagonist of the Mediaset afternoon with the series Mr. Wrong - Love Lessons on air at about 2:45 pm.

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