Can Yaman doesn't greet fans on the street, Rosica's outburst: 'You should kiss where we walk'

Can Yaman doesn't greet fans on the street, Rosica's outburst: 'You should kiss where we walk'

Fans are ignored by Can Yaman: not even a greeting from the actor

In detail, as evidenced by the videos circulated on the net and also published by the same Rosica on social networks, Can Yaman leaves his home completely ignoring the crowd of onlookers and fans who cheered and called him, hoping to receive a greeting or at least a simple smile.

The actor protagonist of the TV series DayDreamer and Mr. Wrong went on his way, completely heedless of the presence of the fans that at that moment were there for him.

With a direct and decisive step, Can went towards the car that was waiting for him under his house and went on his way, without even the slightest smile towards the fans.

Rosica's outburst against Can Yaman's way of doing things

An attitude that, especially on social networks, has not gone unnoticed, since it is not the first time that Can has behaved in this way towards the Italian fans who have consecrated his great success in Italy.

Already in the past, for example, Can has responded badly to some social comments up to the point of deleting himself permanently from Twitter, after the controversy that came out for his love story with Diletta Leotta.

The reaction of Alessandro Rosica, after these images of Can ignoring his Italian fans, was not long in coming and the young gossip expert, who has always doubted the veracity of his relationship with Diletta, gave a hard blow against the Turkish star.

'Show respect,' Rosica rails against Can Yaman

You should kiss where we walk, you should thank all the Italians who despite your theatrics, still follow you. At least a smile or maybe a greeting, would still be nothing, compared to the rubbish that you and Diletta are doing ... I understand that you are nervous but we certainly have not chosen this circus for you, you wanted a bike? And pedal!!! But have respect for those who have always welcomed you lovingly in this country, because dear Can, remember one thing, it takes a long time to get up, and a second to get down... accept the truth from a great admirer of yours, Alessandro Rosica.

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