Can Yaman, the fans invade the building: his reaction surprises everyone

Can Yaman, the fans invade the building: his reaction surprises everyone

Turkish actor Can Yaman has found his fans in the building where he lives but his reaction divides the public and starts a campaign in his favor.

It really happened. In recent hours, the Turkish actor among the most talked-about of the moment has seen his home invaded by fans. The reaction of Can Yaman is making a lot of discussions and has divided the public into two opposite sides. In favor of the actor has also started a social campaign on Twitter.

He is among the most talked-about names of the last weeks because of his love story with Diletta Leotta. The story between the actor and the Italian sports journalist has made many people dream and there are still many who hope they will be together again. Recently Can appear in a story of Diletta, giving her a kiss in passing. This would be the signal that is giving hope to the fans of the couple, now accused of having transgressed the privacy of the actor.

Can, star of DayDreamer, will soon debut with a new Turkish drama: Mr. Wrong - Love Lessons. The young actor, however, has been in the spotlight for a few hours now because of his reaction to being seen by fans. Here's what really happened.

Can Yaman, fans on Twitter: "#RespectForCanYaman."

It's controversial for the events that happened to the Turkish actor. The young man in fact is making the whole country discuss what happened. In the past few hours Can, leaving his house, practically found his building invaded by fans. The actor appeared annoyed by the morbidity of the people and fled the building. The same scene was repeated on his return when the actor decided to take refuge in the car, thus avoiding the fans who were waiting for him.

The facts have divided public opinion between those who criticize Can's reaction and those who instead believe that fans have gone too far by invading the actor's privacy. On Twitter, among the trends of the last minutes, there is also #RespectForCanYaman, hashtag used by the supporters of the second theory.

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