Can Yaman, fans on war footing: the actor's latest move doesn't like it

Can Yaman, fans on war footing: the actor's latest move doesn't like it

The Turkish actor Can Yaman has ended up once again at the center of the storm: the last choice of our star does not like the fans...

By now, Can Yaman's fans are divided in half: on one side there are those who continue to support him and on the other side there are those who practically hated him. His story with Diletta Leotta is not giving him the support he hoped for and every day many rumors hit the couple. Since about two years, the actor protagonist of DayDreamer has become a real star in Europe and with time many fanpages were born in his name. The actor until recently has always had a beautiful relationship with his supporters but lately, something has changed. Now, to attract attention is the latest choice of the sex symbol, which is to block some pages dedicated to him on Ig.

Can Yaman's latest decision doesn't please fans

In the last months, Can Yaman doesn't seem to have the same relationship with his fans as he used to. Before Diletta Leotta came into his life, all of them supported and adored him, now instead, many don't believe in his loyalty anymore. In fact, he often receives a barrage of insults and criticism and as has already happened some time ago.

Since he returned to Ig, it seemed that everything was going well, but for days there is something wrong. In fact, Demet Ozdemir's colleague is starting to block some of his fan pages on social, attracting the attention of supporters. Unfortunately, the real reasons for the initiative are not known, but many believe that some of these have become too intrusive. Will it really be like that?

His story with Diletta is still going strong

And while we try to understand why Can Yaman is suspending all the fan pages dedicated to him or at least the intrusive ones, we can confirm that his story with Diletta is still going strong. A few days ago, the two appeared together happy and smiling in the company of another couple at lunch. The Turkish actor and the presenter of Dazn, love each other and for now, they don't seem to give in to the nastiness of others.

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