Can Yaman refuses greetings and photos to his fans, who broke into his apartment building (VIDEO)

Can Yaman refuses greetings and photos to his fans, who broke into his apartment building (VIDEO)

A rift opens between Can Yaman and part of his group of fans. A video ended up on the net showing the Turkish actor leaving the apartment building where he lives without stopping to greet fans or grant photos. The actor's obvious discomfort has upset those who follow him. But Yaman had his reasons: a few moments before, a small group of people had broken into his building to film him.


A rift opens between Can Yaman and his fans. For hours the hashtag #Respectforcanyaman has been circulating on Twitter, created in support of the actor who has left the social networks several times because he is disturbed by the excessive interference of those who follow him. The hashtag in question was created in response to the controversy that had overwhelmed his girlfriend Diletta Leotta just a few hours ago, when a video circulated on the net showing the Turkish actor leaving the apartment building where he lives, without greeting fans and being deaf to their requests to take a picture. An attitude that has upset those who follow him but has a reason.

Fans lurking in Can Yaman condominium
The full-length footage documenting the missed greeting reported by fans is longer than the partial one initially circulated on social media. The actor's annoyance is allegedly related to the fact that he was filmed inside the apartment building where he resides. A group of people broke into his building and waited for him outside the elevator, filming him while the actor was still inside a private property. This excessive interference caused Yaman to continue on his way, not stopping to take pictures or smile.

The note left to the actor: "Education and respect".
So Yaman left the apartment building and headed to his car, not even greeting the fans lurking outside his building, part of which have given him success in Italy. In response to this attitude, someone has left a note in the elevator of the building where the Turkish actor resides, also this photographed and then circulated on social networks. In the text of the message reads: "The greeting is education and respect. The greeting is from the angel, especially with people who support you in everything. Bye and thanks anyway." A text that drips with disappointment and that adds to the previous ones that reported the souring of the relationship between Yaman and a part of those who support him.

Why Can Yaman's popularity in Italy has dropped
Much praised by the Italian fans when the first soaps of which he is the protagonist appeared on the local schedule, Can Yaman was generous with his supporters in the first period. But complicit with fatigue and excessive attention, he gradually began to detach himself. Several times the actor has left social media (first Twitter, then also Instagram) to show that he did not like the intrusiveness towards his private life, putting for the first time a barrier between himself and his fandom. A closure that soured when his relationship with Diletta Leotta became public knowledge. The actor had to face on one side those who never believed in their relationship and on the other those who targeted the presenter for having impressed their favorite. The latest video concerning the Turkish star is just the latest in a series of misunderstandings that risk compromising the relationship between the actor and those who follow him.

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