Can Yaman snobs fans, web explodes

Can Yaman snobs fans, web explodes

Can Yaman, not even a smile or a greeting towards his fans? He avoids even the simplest and quickest gesture to please his admirers? And the controversy erupts. This lack of respect has immediately made the rounds of the web, sparking controversy non-stop. And there are those who attack the protagonist of DayDreamer in a very heavy way.

Can Yaman, the Turkish actor acclaimed by his fans has made another one of his. At the exit from the apartment in Rome, he did not deign to address the slightest greeting to the many fans who were waiting for him, among other things at a safe distance. And the controversy explodes. The video, published by an adept of Yaman, has been "reposted" by many.  And there are those who, like Alessandro Rosica, attacked him with severity.

Can Yaman always at the center of controversy

Yaman is always at the center of controversy. Either for his story with Leotta or for his behaviors that generate endless criticism. Already in the past, for example, Can has responded badly to some users; he went so far as to delete himself permanently from Twitter. But that's not all. The Turkish star has made it impossible for fans to comment on his posts and has blocked some fans' groups. Such actions have not gone unnoticed for sure.

Can Yaman, ignored fans: the web explodes

There are several videos circulating on the network. One shows the Turkish actor being caught by some fans on his way out of his apartment in the capital. The protagonist of DayDreamer is surrounded by bodyguards and without giving a glance or a smile (he could have done it very well since he was without a mask) he ran into the car that was waiting for him. The fans who were cheering for him, and who were hoping for at least a nod of greeting, were very disappointed.

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