Can Yaman's new picture on instagram is a hymn to the value of friendship

Can Yaman's new picture on instagram is a hymn to the value of friendship

Can Yaman doesn't really use social media. In these months we have learned to know the Turkish actor and understand that he uses his social media networks when it comes to work.

That's how Can Yaman has posted the intense workouts to get ready to play the role of Sandokan, has posted some photos related to collaborations with some famous brands, and to show himself riding his Cassius.

There is also room for feelings, but always with care and maximum confidentiality. The Turkish actor, in fact, has published some photos with his girlfriend Diletta Leotta and some stories celebrating his parents.

In these hours, the Turkish actor surprised. After deactivating and reactivating his Instagram profile, he only posted work-related photos. At least until a few hours ago when he made a new post.

Can Yaman posted a photo of him with Roberto Macellari. The two are in a kitchen (at least it seems so), they are sitting close but far apart and in their hands, they have a glass full of the same kind of smoothie.

The photo shared shows a lot about the bond between these two men and also how important friendship is to Can Yaman. The man tagged in the photo is Roberto Macellari, who in recent months has been ever-present in the actor's life between training sessions and sharing an apartment. An invaluable figure for the actor here in Italy and who it was only right to pay homage to with a photo dedicated to him.

Once the photo was posted, fans immediately commented, noting the actor's new look. Can Yaman now has longer hair that is starting to remind them of the hairstyle the actor had to have to impersonate the protagonist of Daydreamer. Diletta Leotta's brother made an ironic comment about who was the model between the two.

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