Dagospia is redeemed!!!

Dagospia is redeemed!!!

" What we can assure you is that the story is true, the photos also and that there is no strategy behind it, indeed, many of the releases of the two protagonists were dictated by 'impulse. The gossip, what we have told since the birth of their story, is a faithful picture taken 
according to the facts. "Half of the lies written about me are true," said baseball guru Yogi Berra. This, perhaps, is enough to live with serenity in one's truths and contradictions. Knowing that there will always be those who will amplify things or tell them with their own style. Also because gossip is often a half-true or a truth and a half".

This is a passage of the article of DAGOSPIA that after having made a detailed report of the "Love Story" between Diletta Leotta and Can Yaman, the acquaintance, the first meeting and the crisis after she didn't want to go to Turkey, because of Covid's rules, to find his parents, while he had gone down to Catania paying homage to her with a precious ring.

 "The actor is madly in love with Diletta and dreams of a life with her, Leotta is also happy, but she has an independent character" continues Dagospia in his article today that strangely speaks of coincidences after the "pseudo "Scoop that both Dago and OGGI have done with photos and news of 5 months ago ... well for me the scoop does not have this timing if we do not show more photos is just dirt.

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