Demet Ozdemir accused of doing the same moves as Can Yaman: controversy on social media

Demet Ozdemir accused of doing the same moves as Can Yaman: controversy on social media

Demet Ozdemir on vacation with her boyfriend Ogzhan Koc

Not only Can Yaman with his girlfriend Diletta Leotta are making people talk about their love story. In fact, the other protagonist of DayDreamer - Le Ali del Sogno, the Turkish soap opera of Canale 5 that is about to end has attracted attention with some photos. Obviously, we are talking about Demet Ozdemir who is currently on vacation with her second half in Ayvalik.

It is the actor and musician Ogzhan Koc and they are spending time with another beautiful couple: Asli Bekiroglu and her boyfriend, namely the musician Cagri Telkiviran. For all those who do not know, Ayvalik is a seaside resort located on the northwest coast of Turkey, bathed by the Aegean Sea. It is close to the Ayvalik Islands which overlook the nearby island of Lesvos.

Turkish actress accused of imitating her colleague Yaman

From the photos that have been shared on various social networks, the protagonist of DayDreamer and her boyfriend Ogzhan can be seen diving into the water, sunbathing or even exchanging cuddles and hugs. Nothing unusual since they are a couple. However, in some Italian fan pages that deal with Demet Ozdemir and the soap opera in which she is the protagonist, some fans have started to insinuate that the girl is doing the same things as her colleague Can Yaman and his girlfriend Diletta Leotta.

For some web users, the actress and her boyfriend are like they were pinstriped and posed for a photo shoot to be published in gossip magazines and gossip. Obviously, this is just speculation and there is nothing concrete in this. (Continued after the photos)

Can Yaman nervous: passed his limit of tolerance

In the meantime, colleague Can Yaman continues to be particularly nervous about what is happening around him. In fact, in the last few days, some fans have exceeded the limit by sneaking inside the building where he lives in Rome waiting for him to get out of the elevator.

Annoyed for having flown his privacy, the male protagonist of DayDreamer - The Wings of Dream and Mr Wrong once out of the building went directly into the car and left. So no greetings or photos with the fans who were eagerly waiting for him outside.

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