Demet Özdemir : "Me and Can Yaman???"

Demet Özdemir : "Me and Can Yaman???"

A few days ago, the 'actress Demet Ozdemir made some clarity regarding the persistent rumors that would have her at the side of Can Yaman, her partner on the set of "The Daydreamer".

"Can and I hung out a lot, we still have a great relationship and while we were acting we listened to each other a lot it was a total energy exchange."

Demet, therefore, wants to clarify, once again, that between her and the Turkish actor there has always been a wonderful and strong friendship, made of confidences also off the set, but nothing more.
Families know each other, as it happens to everyone to know each other's friends and family members, within a total and beautiful friendly relationship.

Demet has a boyfriend, she states she is in love with him, as well as Can is engaged to Diletta Leotta, nothing of this takes away from their confidential bond and harmony, a lively exchange of affection between people who estimate each other.

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