Demet Özdemir's new project has been revealed

Demet Özdemir's new project has been revealed

Demet Özdemir revealed to be part of which project, after the finale of the series My Home My Destiny. 
When and which project will Demet Özdemir be part of?

According to the news released behind the scenes, the series, whose ratings are dropping, will be final in the 43rd episode. The successful player is rumored to rest for a while after the finale. After her rest, she will return with a movie, not a television series.

The famous actor's project will be a movie called Love Tactics. Although the movie is not certain, it is said that it will not be a Netflix project or anything like that. It is said that it will be a feature film from Laninstar Media.

We don't know what his situation will be regarding the auditors. You will understand that we are currently in a process of complete closure. We don't know what will happen after that. For the moment, it seems difficult to know when the date of the screening of the film will be.

But we know that Demet Özdemir will share the main roles with Şükrü Özyıldız. We are going to watch one of the stories of Kerem and Aslı, which we see very often in the Sok era. We will see a movie that looks like a romantic comedy. We will also share some information about the release date and other actors when it becomes clear.

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