Diletta Leotta travels with Can Yaman, with her blouse unbuttoned and her breathtaking neckline.

Diletta Leotta travels with Can Yaman, with her blouse unbuttoned and her breathtaking neckline.

Another crisis. Their relationship is still going strong. Can Yaman and Diletta Leotta in fact have published a video in their stories on Instagram, where they can count on millions and millions of followers, in which they appear together in the car during a trip. With an unknown destination and in the company of their friend Roberto.

the two lovers are smiling and happy and show once again that they are happy and in love, in spite of the detractors. On the web, in fact, there were rumors of a possible breakup, but with the video, Can Yaman and Diletta Leotta have removed, at least for the moment, any doubt. He wears a black t-shirt with short sleeves, showing his remarkable biceps. On the other hand, there is the Dazn presenter, with hat and shirt unbuttoned to the right point, which goes to enhance a breathtaking neckline.

With the football season now over, Diletta will presumably spend some time on vacation, waiting for the next year that promises to be full of commitments. For the next three years, Dazn owns the TV rights of the Italian Serie A and Leotta's face will undoubtedly be the main spot for the channel. The actor's agenda is also full of commitments. The Turkish will be soon Sandokan, in a new series that should air soon. Can Yaman therefore heir of Kabir Bedi. But at the moment, all that matters for Diletta and Can is to finally spend some time together, archiving their work commitments. There are many gossips about their love story, considered by some as fake and made only for publicity. Rumors that, however, do not seem to affect the well-being of the couple, which appears both on social media and magazines more and more in love. Before the love with the Turkish actor, Diletta had a story with the boxer Daniele Scardina, then a brief flirtation with Ryan Friedkin, neo-president of Roma.

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