Domenica Live, Antonella Mosetti a rage against Diletta Leotta "I've known her for several years ..."

Domenica Live, Antonella Mosetti a rage against Diletta Leotta "I've known her for several years ..."

In the last few months, Diletta Leotta has been at the center of gossip because of her hypothetical love story with the well-known Turkish actor Can Yaman. The two have been dating for several months and once this news came out, a few days later there was also talk of a possible marriage between the two. But what is true?

Diletta Leotta and Can Yaman, is this really love? 

It is also said that Diletta has already introduced her boyfriend to her family by flying to Catania a few weeks ago.  Can would have wanted to take Diletta with him to Turkey to introduce her to his family, but in the end, he decided to fly alone. Many people don't really believe in this love story and nowadays, this relationship is often the center of controversy.  Anyway, Diletta is often talked about on television and this is what happened in the living room of Domenica Live on Canale 5, the program hosted by Barbara D'Urso.  But what happened?

The Dazn presenter accuses the paparazzi of stalking her 

During the episode of Domenica Live aired yesterday Sunday, May 2, Diletta Leotta was mentioned.  Specifically, Antonella Mosetti, the well-known showgirl and protagonist of Non è la RAI and Grande Fratello VIP, talked about her.  The latest seems to have wanted to tell something related to the known Dazn host and star of Instagram.  It would be a truth that most likely the same Diletta would never confirm, but that somehow unites her to many other protagonists of the world of entertainment. In recent days it would seem that the presenter Dazn has expressed her opinion rather hard against the paparazzi, who, according to her, would stalk her so much to place themselves in front of the windows of her house to spy on her, for most of the day. "I am not a man-eater", would have said Diletta, who tried to defend herself from the accusations made on social networks, due to her past relationships.  

Antonella Mosetti talks about Diletta on Sunday Live

But let's go back to Antonella Mosetti and the statements she made during the episode of Domenica Live, aired yesterday. "I know her, she's a very good girl. But many years ago she would have made false cards to be part of this world. Now you spit on it? But thank you and blessed you. These are Mosetti's words, which were somehow shared by D'Urso at Pomeriggio 5 a few days ago. The presenter, in fact, with irony, seems to have accused the paparazzi that she had in the studio as guests saying "You are ruining her life".

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