Exclusive statements by Hande Erçel: would like to work with Miguel Ángel Silvestre.

Exclusive statements by Hande Erçel: would like to work with Miguel Ángel Silvestre.

Love is in the air has turned Hande Erçel into one of the actresses of the moment. The romantic comedy she stars in with Kerem Bürsin (with whom she has just confirmed her relationship), has skyrocketed her popularity halfway around the world and has been the definitive boost to her career.

Turned into an international star, the Miss Turkey 2012 and quoted actress whose work in 'Hayat: Love without words' earned her the Turkey Youth Award for Best Actress in 2017, has granted exclusive statements to Mediaset Spain. And she has not left anything in the dark! With these words, the actress responds to the affection that is reaching her from Spain (where her legion of fans has multiplied in recent months)

Happy with the success that the series is reaping among the public of Telecinco and Divinity the actress has told us how she prepared her character of Eda and what it has meant in her career. She also comments on the international success of the fiction and expresses her desire to visit Spain when the pandemic ends, among other aspects.

How did the role of Eda Yildiz come into your life?

I read the scripts as soon as I receive them, I never make them wait. Even if I'm in the car, I read them. The same happened to me with the script of 'Love is in the air, which I read immediately. Eda is a character that has given me a lot of joy. Her funny witticisms, her strength, her self-confidence, and her strong character thrilled me.

What has this character meant to you personally and professionally?

She is a very strong character who knows exactly what she wants. We both have a lot in common. And it is very important to see strong women who fight for their dreams in TV series as a model for society. Also, playing Eda has been an opportunity to put a lot of myself into it.

How did you prepare the character?

We were confined when the script came to me, so I was able to work on my role with Esin Doğan, acting coach, for two and a half months. We rehearsed every day talking about the character of Eda. When we got to the set, I was ready: the character was mine.

What aspects do you have in common with Eda Yildiz?

We are very similar in terms of standing up for ourselves, being strong, determined and pursuing our dreams.

What was the most difficult sequence you shot in 'Love is in the air'? And the most emotional?

Sometimes we work on very cold days. Shooting on location at night is always difficult for me in general. The most emotional scene was the scene where Eda discovers that she lost her parents because of Serkan's family.

Tell us what is it like to shoot a day on 'Love is in the air'?

We had a great time and enjoyed it a lot. I have never lost my motivation. On the filming set I am always upbeat, full of energy and happy.

How would you like the last episode of 'Love is in the air' to be?

I wish there was no final episode!

What dreams would you like to achieve professionally?

There are many types of characters I would like to embody, but one of my dreams is to play a character from a cult book.

What does it mean for a Turkish actress to have her work become an international success?

It is very fortunate. I am very grateful for all the love I receive. We create a story, we believe in it and we can't imagine how far it can go. Facing this is a great motivation and I feel very grateful. Besides, the fact that 'Love is in the air' has achieved international recognition is the success of a great team and I'm proud to be part of it.

Has fame changed you?

Let's ask my sister (laughs). But I don't think I have changed.

What is your opinion about Kerem Bürsin as an actor?

Being Kerem Bürsin's partner is one of my greatest opportunities on a professional level. I have never hesitated while playing opposite him because he is an actor who makes you act.

'Love is in the air' is very successful in Spain and has a lot of fans on social media, what message would you like to send to the Spanish fans?

We receive the videos, messages, and gifts that Spanish fans send us! It's very exciting. I'm really looking forward to going to Spain when the pandemic is over.

Why should Spanish fans keep watching 'Love is in the air'?

Because it is just getting started.

Do you speak a little Spanish? Have you ever been to Spain? What Spanish towns would you like to visit?

I was in Barcelona for a Beyoncé concert, but I barely had time for tourism. Visiting Ibiza is a priority, although I would also like to visit other Spanish towns. During the confinement, I was taking Spanish classes, but I'm not sure if it's enough to speak it fluently.

Which Spanish actor or actress would you like to work with?

With Miguel Ángel Silvestre.

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