Furkan Andiç : 'You have to spend time with your soul'.

Furkan Andiç : 'You have to spend time with your soul'.

Furkan Andiç's starting out was never easy, as he himself remembers: "I was rejected a thousand times and failed a thousand times." But he knew how to seize his first opportunity: a leading role in Kolej Günlüğü in 2011, which later led him to hits like Everywhere, You and Sweet Revenge. At 30, he succeeds as a romantic comedy leading man, although he prefers drama.

Did you enjoy playing Sinan?

I had a lot of fun, he is an original person. However, he also made me anxious because of the constant tension demanded because of his great discipline and his radical values and ideas.

Are you like that too?

No! (laughs). On the opposite, I'm relaxed and I look for peace, also at work. It helps me to be productive.

Do you identify more with Demir from 'Everywhere, You'?

I feel closer to Sinan because I lived his past with intensity and that especially made us connect. Also, I love his bond with his family, and I do look like him in his energy and sensitivity.

Which Soap Opera did you enjoy the most?

In both of them, I worked with some really amazing people and I had a great time. However, Sweet Revenge was more exciting for me as it was my first leading role in a romantic comedy.

We also saw you on Feriha's Secret. Have you changed over the years?

Yes, I have been improving myself thanks to courses and workshops. I think it's important to keep studying all my life. On a personal level, I am also different: thoughts and feelings are reshaped by experiences.

Will you continue to focus on comedies?

I like them and part of me enjoys making people laugh. But, deep down, I'll stay with drama.

With which character?

Those who are very different: a detective, a father, a serial killer?

Do you receive messages from fans in Spain?

Yes, I am very grateful to the Spanish public. It is one of my favorite countries and I try to come once a year.

How did you get started?

One summer, as a teenager, I was with an animation group in Antalya, performing nightly shows in a hotel. That's when I felt that this was my path.

Did you study theater?

I was never a good student. I applied to several majors in college, but didn't finish any of them. Instead, I took private lessons with acting teachers and earned a degree from the Los Angeles Academy of Dramatic Arts.

Is physique important to you?

I have never been a model. Looks are demonstrated by skills and beauty is not. I hate social standards in that sense and I would say they annoy me.

What hobbies do you have?

I do a daily routine of breathing and body exercises. It is necessary to dedicate time to the soul, I missed it. I also read, write and practice saxophone. Right now I'm in no hurry to go back to work, and when I do, it will be with something different.

You had a long relationship with an actress. Is it difficult to be with someone in the middle?

Love doesn't depend on the profession, it depends on how well you fit with a person.

Would you like to have children?

I think not in the short term. I'm focused on myself and I think I still have a long way ahead of me before I have a family. But life likes to surprise a lot!

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