Hande Erçel, star of 'Sen Çal Kapımı', model, solidarity....

Hande Erçel, star of 'Sen Çal Kapımı', model, solidarity....

As passionate as we are about love stories, 'Love is in the air is a great story: two enemies who are forced to work together and from this unexpected partnership comes to love, and for this nothing better than to have two high-level protagonists to steal our hearts, and Kerem Bürsin needed a high-level actress. There is no doubt that the role belongs to Hande Erçel in her own right. The young Turkish actress already proved her talent when she filled our screens starring in another love story, this time in 'Hayat: love without words'.

Despite having an extensive and solid background, the young woman has not been able to avoid the criticism that arose around her when she was selected for the role. It is not easy to see how someone combines different professions and in Hande's case, her past as a model seems to have played against her to be considered a full-fledged actress. 

Luckily, she prefers to turn a deaf ear and continue to prove through hard work that she is more than able to carry the weight of the narrative on her shoulders, especially considering that this project arose in the middle of the pandemic and much of the previous work, such as the preparation of the character or the relationship with her colleagues, had to be done from a distance.

She started her career in television in 2013 and since then she has been playing a string of roles until she has become an essential face of the small screen. While the public still distrusts her, experts endorse her talent; she has won a Golden Butterfly Awards, an award given in Turkey to the most outstanding artists in television and music.

Although she usually remains oblivious to criticism, she does not always let it pass. In fact, she famously confronted a Turkish influencer, whom she took to the court for claiming she had a "bread face". Bad luck for the actress, because they decided that this comment about her physical appearance was not worthy of punishment.

Surely the more than 21 million followers that Hande has on Instagram aren't of this opinion, where she is very active, sharing images of her work, but also of her leisure time, such as those she spends with her family, especially with her niece, whom she adores, and her pets. Always looking out for others, she has not hesitated to take advantage of her power to do good, in fact, when she turned 27 in November she asked her followers and friends for a very special gift: that whoever could make a donation to an association to help cancer patients.

It is not strange that she has found in this social network her favorite social media platform because the young woman is very passionate about photography, not only in front of the lens but also behind it. In recent times, one of the protagonists of the pictures is her co-star, Kerem Bürsin...

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