Hande Erçel wins lawsuit for insults regarding her appearance

Hande Erçel wins lawsuit for insults regarding her appearance

It is clear that 'Love is in the air' has become another great success of the Turkish TV phenomenon. The plot, based on a love story between two enemies who are forced to work together, starring Kerem Bürsin and Hande Erçel, has conquered a large part of our country. 

It is not surprising considering the chemistry of the protagonists and the talent they boast. Especially in the case of Hande Erçel, Eda in the series, who has even been awarded a Golden Butterfly Award, a prize given in Turkey to the most outstanding artists in television and music.

Beyond how well the young actress is doing professionally at the moment, there were many who before being cast for her character in 'Love is in the air' questioned her acting ability as she had focused on her modeling in the previous years. As it happens to almost all public personalities, Hande Erçel is not exempt from haters in her social networks, and with one of them, she has even had more than words. She famously clashed with a Turkish influencer, whom she took to the court for claiming she had a "bread face".

Just today, we have been able to know the first resolution of the lawsuit, which is in favor of the Turkish woman. Alp Kılınç's Instagram account has been suspended and he will have to pay around 23,000 € for the comments.

The most curious thing about this whole affair is the justification given by the defendant's lawyer claiming that hurting the actress was never the intention of the influencer. "Since Bazlama bread is a popular bread, that is, a blessing, the use of that expression was never intended to insult Mrs. Hande," he assures. He further states that the purpose of these comments "was to compare the beauty of Hande Erçel's face, which is known to all, in a humorous way." 

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