Kerem Bürsin and the tragedy that led to his enlistment in the Turkish army

Kerem Bürsin and the tragedy that led to his enlistment in the Turkish army

The death of his best friend caused him to completely change his life while he was still living in the United States.

The obsession to know everything about the lives of the protagonists of the Turkish soap operas that sweep half the world continues unstoppable. And although the Italian romance of Can Yaman and Diletta Leotta raises passions, the main focus right now is the recently released love story between the main actors of 'Love is in the air', Hande Erçel and Kerem Bürsin.

But beyond their relationship, which hit the media after their getaway to the Maldives, and while waiting to know what happens with the rumors that put in doubt that the actor will continue in the next season of the series, an interview with him has uncovered a tragic event in his past.

Although Kerem was born in Istanbul, he never lived permanently in Turkey due to his family's constant moves. After moving to Scotland, Indonesia and Dubai, he ended up in the United States, where, after finishing his studies, he landed his first roles in short films and somewhat embarrassing B-movies. Determined to live the American dream, the interpreter's future changed when an unexpected tragedy struck. "My best friend died in a motorcycle accident in New York. He was very young and it was an absurd death. Very painful", he declared to the Turkish media 'Hurriyet'.

"He was like my brother. I fell into an incredible void and started to question everything. At that time I was in Los Angeles, doing several jobs at the same time: personal trainer, valet parking, going to auditions, trying to be an actor... But because of this painful incident, I decided to change my whole life." That radical change meant saying goodbye to the United States and returning to his native Turkey. "I used to be Turkish but I had never lived in Turkey, so I decided to move there," he continued.

But as soon as he landed in the country, the future star had to swap the cameras for a military uniform. "I joined the army on the fourth day after arriving. In the meantime, I was thinking about what to do when I finished," he says about his period of military service in the 58th Infantry Regiment in Burdur. Soon after he would receive a curious offer to appear in a Chinese horror film and before long his popularity would skyrocket after appearing in the soap opera 'Güneşi Beklerken'. Since then, Bürsin has continued to work in both Hollywood and Turkish productions, filming interchangeably in English or Turkish.

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