Kerem Bürsin explodes after being asked about Hande Erçel: No need to remember such nonsense.

Kerem Bürsin explodes after being asked about Hande Erçel: No need to remember such nonsense.

Although Kerem Bürsin's relationship with the press has always been very friendly, his latest encounter with journalists has been very tense. The star of Love is in the air, who just a few weeks ago finally confirmed his relationship with Hande Erçel, his filming partner, did not take too well to the questions that reporters asked him about Murat Can Akdoğan, the attractive businessman with whom his girlfriend was related just two months ago.

As reported by some Turkish media, some reporters mentioned the businessman and the actress's alleged barely one-month relationship with him. It was at that moment when the actor could not disguise his discomfort at the questions and answered somewhat annoyed. "There is no need to remember such nonsense," said Bürsin, who recalled the sweet moment he is going through with his girlfriend. "Now we are together and we are happy."

Rumors linked the actress to the businessman

Although since 'Love is in the air' started airing, there were speculations that Eda and Serkan's love had crossed the screen, the silence of the protagonists and the lack of images together off the set silenced the rumors and the actress was eventually paired with a well-known Turkish businessman last March.

The Turkish media pointed out that Hande Erçel was dating Murat Can Akdoğan, son of the president of Estethica hospital in Istanbul (a center specializing in hair transplants and cosmetic surgery). Just as with Kerem Bürsin, the actress neither confirmed nor denied the news. The relationship was on everyone's lips until several days after it came to light, the media echoed an alleged breakup in which the businessman's father would have had a lot to do with it.

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