Kerem Bürsin opens up about his relationship with Hande Erçel: "We never hid our love."

Kerem Bürsin opens up about his relationship with Hande Erçel: "We never hid our love."

Their love story, on and off the small screen, is getting the fans of 'Love is in the air' absolutely excited. Since the couple has finally confirmed their real-life relationship, the fans of the series are closely following everything that Hande Erçel and Kerem Bürsin say and do, who after his girl spoke for the first time about their relationship has broken his silence.

It was upon his arrival on the film set. The press was waiting for him there and immediately approached him to find out new information about the couple of the moment. Very calm, the actor responded kindly to the reporters, to whom he surprised with his statements. "We never hid it. Love didn't start in the Maldives and it's going well," revealed the actor, who during the first months of their love story had never spoken out.

But the actor's confessions have not stopped there, he has revealed how the beginnings of his love story with his co-star started. "The most important thing is that we started out as two friends who got along well from the beginning and then something got better. Some things are special, of course, but I can't explain too much," the actor has told.

Hande Erçel has also spoken out about their relationship.

Kerem's words about his relationship with the actress come days after his girl spoke for the first time about their love story when asked by some reporters. Relaxed after they confirmed their dating after their trip to the Maldives, Erçel did not hide the good moment they are going through. "Everything is very beautiful," replied the actress.

The couple confirmed their relationship after their trip to the Maldives.

Although rumors about a possible relationship between them began after the premiere of 'Love is in the air in July last year, the couple had always been very discreet. During all these months, none had been pronounced on the matter. The couple neither confirmed nor denied. 

Things changed in mid-April when the couple was caught by a fan of the series together in the Maldives. Rumors were getting stronger and they were forced to confirm what was already an open secret. First separate photos confirming that they were in the Maldives, then stories with a picture of each other and some romantic words and, finally, the long-awaited photo together. 

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