When it comes to Diletta Leotta and Can Yaman two schools of thought are compared: on the one hand those who argue that this is a story for the paparazzi and magazines, on the other hand, those who believe it without middle ground: they love each other madly and there is no way to talk about ups and downs.

The photos that we show you tell the truth of this moment: Diletta and Can, after a period of crisis, have found each other again and finally appear to be happy. Maybe the Turkish actor has understood that Diletta doesn't like pressures, she already has a lot of them, and wants to live feelings lightly, as if they were a resource and not a problem.

They are at the Mandarin Oriental, an exclusive 5-star hotel on Lake Como. The presenter arrived at the resort on Saturday evening, after having followed the league match between Milan and Benevento for Dazn. Yaman, who until Friday was in Rome, moved in great secrecy and waited for his girlfriend at the hotel. There they spent Sunday, while on Monday morning they returned to Milan, where Leotta leads 105 Take Away with Daniele Battaglia every day at 12 pm.

On the way to the radio station, Valerio Staffelli reached her to give her the second tapiro d'oro of Striscia la notizia over a few days. The reason for two such awards is soon explained.

Two weeks ago, "Chi" had spoken of the crisis between Leotta and Yaman: the actor pressed on the speedometer with regard to life projects together, while the conductor has always been more cautious, and any brake on her part was a source of stress for the couple.

Just in those hours, Leotta was reached for the first time by Staffelli at the exit from the San Siro stadium. There were those who spoke of an invented story, of a marriage, skipped, of the fact that the Turkish actor had taken off from social networks not to comment on the crisis. And so the conductor has made it clear: " The wedding is not skipped, It's just about doing things with the right timing," she said, confirming our reconstruction. "Can has removed himself from Instagram for reasons of communication choices. Matter of business, the rest are rumors, of course, the story is true."

A few hours after Dagospia launches the bomb: Leotta would have dumped Yaman for Ryan Friedkin, son of the owner of Roma. And so the presenter makes a post in which, between these lines, she talks about everything: about Friedkin, about Ibrahimovic, about Yaman. "I have suffered the daily drop of gossip-poison, photographers under the house and on scooters behind my every move; drones outside the windows. But now I'm a little tired of it.

I say this because by reading the clickbait falsehoods in the newspapers that are reserved for me on a daily basis, anyone can think that I am a man-eater, a woman incapable of love. Why is it that if I meet a nice guy twice, for an aperitif they immediately talk about new love?

Why if I make a commercial with a soccer player does it get insinuated for months that we are a secret couple? Why if I go out with a handsome actor and we are happy, does it have to be an invented story? And because if I give up a wonderful trip abroad in order to respect the lockdown, you talk about the crisis?".

Immediately after his outburst, appeared on Dagospia images in which Diletta exchanged affectionate kisses with Friedkin. "Those photos are from December, said Leotta to Striscia. "I was single and 29 years old, if you're single, you can also allow yourself a lemon. I'm still with Can." "There are limits that should not be exceeded and the private life of a person makes paste of these. I didn't expect them to publish those photos, I didn't even imagine that they could have taken them inside the house."

So let's try to reconstruct, with respect to everyone, the facts. After the end of the relationship with Daniele Scardina, and after the meeting with Friedkin, Leotta met, via Instagram, Can Yaman. Last January, the story came out in the open and the couple experienced such an overwhelming passion that they immediately made plans for the future, such as cohabitation and marriage.

Both have important careers: Yaman has been in Rome for months for the filming of the TV series Sandokan, Diletta is the face of Dazn, the platform that has just acquired the rights to broadcast, from next season, all the soccer matches of the A-series and is preparing to become the lady of soccer. Both have millions of fans, which translate into followers on Instagram, that

Gossip is not the engine of their careers, but it does make them patents. Being a true story, it also happens that there are misunderstandings, tensions, rapprochements. Before Easter Diletta and Can were in Catania, where the conductor was born, for the family presentations: the actor had given her a precious engagement ring.

At Easter, they posted on Instagram a selfie taken in Yaman's Roman penthouse. The actor had also planned a trip to Turkey, from his family, but Diletta had to decline to respect her grandmother's anticovid that limited the movemen who limited the movements.

A gesture that may not have made Can happy. As a matter of fact, there was a breakup. The actor is madly in love with Diletta and dreams of a life with her, Leotta is also happy, but has an independent character. Now these images will not serve to put everyone in agreement: the skeptics will continue not to believe us, the supporters of the couple will have confirmation of their certainties.

What we can guarantee is that the story is true, the photos also and that there is no strategy behind it, indeed, many of the outputs of the two sides have been dictated by 'impulse. The gossip, what we have told since the beginning of their story, is a truthful picture of the facts. "Half of the lies written about me are true," said baseball guru Yogi Berra. This, perhaps, is enough to live with serenity in one's truths and contradictions. Knowing that there will always be those who will amplify things or tell them with their own style. Also because gossip is often a half-truth or a truth and a half.



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