Maurizio Costanzo delivers his opinion on Can Yaman in no uncertain terms "The public ..."

Maurizio Costanzo delivers his opinion on Can Yaman in no uncertain terms "The public ..."


Can Yaman is one of the most important and most wanted actors of the moment. Turkish actor seems that he has become known and popular thanks to the TV series aired in recent years in Italy like DayDreamer. Now, since several months ago, he is in Italy, cause he is filming a new tv show where he plays the main character. 

Can Yaman, the Turkish actor is engaged with Diletta Leotta?

In the last few weeks, he has been the center of gossip because of his love story with Diletta Leotta that many claims are fake. Yet the Turkish actor seems to be in love with the TV showgirl and sports presenter. It is said that he even went down to Catania to meet her family. Then Can would have wanted to bring Diletta to Turkey to introduce her to his family, but eventually, he would travel alone. However, the fact that the two are never together, practically, has made many people doubt their love, and actually, there seems to be a great mystery about this relationship.

Maurizio Costanzo praises Turkish actor

Can seems to have been criticized a lot because of this relationship. To praise him, however, we thought Maurizio Costanzo, who on Nuovo Tv, the column that cares for some time wanted to talk about the Turkish actor. "The public likes him for his talent but also for his attractiveness. This is what Maurizio Costanzo said, talking about the well-known Turkish actor. In fact, the journalist would have released these statements, after a lady viewer, on the Nuovo column, would have written, complaining about the excessive presence of foreign soaps in Italy. She said that in a few weeks, two more Turkish series will arrive in Italy, with Can Yaman as the protagonist. We are talking about Mr. Wrong and Love is in the air. The lady would have complained, by saying that she would like more Italian products and not foreign ones on TV. 

Too many foreign dramas and TV series? The complaint of our viewer 

The journalist, however, would end up praising the Turkish actor, who according to what has emerged in recent weeks, would be engaged with Diletta Leotta. "So dear lady get over it and enjoy your favorite series". This is what was said by the well-known journalist who then also explained why foreign soaps at the end of the day are well-liked in Italy. The viewer and reader seem to have praised other Italian dramas, such as Il Paradiso Delle signore and then also Un posto al sole. Finally, Maria De Filippi's husband would also have recalled the great success of foreign soaps such as DayDreamer. "The reason they find fertile ground in Italy is that they probably cost less than those produced in our country."

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