Michele Morrone and his unhappy words about belen rodriguez that triggered the fans

Michele Morrone and his unhappy words about belen rodriguez that triggered the fans

On tik tok, the Italian singer and actor Michele Morrone let himself go to an unhappy statement about Belen Rodriguez...

These are not easy hours for Michele Morrone. In the last hours, the Italian singer and actor has been overwhelmed by an avalanche of tweets and comments because of a not very polite statement that left him stunned.

During a live broadcast on TikTok, Michele Morrone let himself go to an "unfortunate" sentence. While he was answering the questions that came in, there were those who advised him to get engaged to Belen Rodriguez.

Incredibly, Michele Morrone replied, "There are those who advise me to get engaged to Belen. ... My prototype of a woman is a little higher than two breasts and an ass.. But, maybe, who knows...". In a very short time, these words have made the rounds of the web up to being the subject of debate.

Belen Rodriguez's fans immediately acted to defend and protect their favorite, railing against the actor and reminding him how he came to have the enormous popularity he boasts.

For those who don't know, after a series of roles in TV series and movies, Michele Morrone achieved success thanks to the Polish film "365days" in which he is the protagonist of many sex scenes and his physicality played a primary role in best dressing the role of the male character.

To this must be added that last summer, there were rumors that wanted the two had exchanged messages on social and even in private that have not become anything else.

In short, Belen Rodriguez's fans are fierce and leverage these two aspects of the Italian singer and actor who, for his part, could have used elegance and a more appropriate language.

In the storm of criticism, there are those who have pointed out that the comment, although very unfortunate, was a way that Michele Morrone has found to emphasize how he does not only look at the aesthetic aspect of a woman.

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