Pomeriggio 5, storm of criticism on Leotta. d'Urso is tough: You're stuck at home.

Pomeriggio 5, storm of criticism on Leotta. d'Urso is tough: You're stuck at home.

All against Diletta Leotta: in the afternoon show "Pomeriggio Cinque", both the guests and the host Barbara d'Urso have advised the presenter of Dazn to change her attitude towards paparazzi and journalists. A multi-voice fire came after Catania has written a post against the photographers and the press that have attributed a relationship with the vice president of Roma, Ryan Friedkin. Except that she is currently, at least officially, in love with Can Yaman (many do not believe the story and believe that it has been mounted at the table). At the end of all this can? The surprise. The magazine Oggi published photos of a fiery kiss between Diletta and Ryan...

"Bad and ugly journalists who make her pass for a man-eater ...". This is how Barbarella introduced the topic in the studio, without giving up irony. She was followed by Rita Dalla Chiesa, guest of the Mediaset talk show via the connection. The ex-host of Forum first recalled that she herself had a lot to do with the paparazzi during her career, then she said: "I have never taken it out on them, I always say thank you. If they were not there, we would exist less from the media point of view. Leotta is nice, but she has built her character on things like that; it's her own business the story she pretends to have."

Even Lory Del Santo, also present in the studio of Pomeriggio Cinque, did not spare a lunge at the young Sicilian presenter. "Popping up above the star system that has made you eat for a long time is completely unthinkable," said the director. Emanuela Folliero, who made a similar argument, taking up a reflection of Selvaggia Lucarelli: "If you feed the monster (of gossip, ed.), then it comes back at you.

To this point also Urso has returned to press the issue, reconnecting to the fact that Leotta has said that her eighty years old grandmother believes everything she reads in the newspapers: "My grandmother and stuff and then two days later those photos come out? She is young, my advice is to keep quiet. To me, they gave me a thousand boyfriends that are not real. But long live the paparazzi. However, otherwise, you're stuck at home and no one takes pictures of you, neither with the piggyback nor with anyone else".

"If she' s afraid that her grandmother will be offended that she will change profession", said Alan Fiordelmondo, another presence of the afternoon broadcast of the Mediaset network. Then the last word of Barbarella: "You should thank them, maybe in 40 years they will not look for you anymore and maybe you will be sad. Everything is clear Diletta?

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