Rihanna and A$AP Rocky are together: the couple confirms their relationship after months of rumors

Rihanna and A$AP Rocky are together: the couple confirms their relationship after months of rumors

Finally, the two stars confirm what seemed to be an open secret. The great complicity and good vibes between the artists has already given way to a beautiful love story.

Nothing is official until the two stars confirm it, so, although this relationship has been rumored for months, it has not been until now when we have the certainty that between these two music stars there is something more than the friendship that has united them for years. It has been A$AP himself who has admitted it, assuring that Rihanna is "the love of my life". 

The couple has decided that it is time to take a step forward and show their love for each other openly, without hiding that they are betting on this relationship. The rapper and music producer has not hesitated to speak openly about his relationship with the singer, and it is that he seems to be very clear that in Rihanna he has found the love of his life. "When you know, you know. She is the definitive one," he revealed for 'GQ Magazine', where he has granted the surprising interview.

The artist is so clear that he does not rule out starting a family with the 'Umbrella' singer; in fact, being a father seems to be part of his plans, something that for the artist is also essential. "If that's in my destiny, absolutely (...). I think I would be an amazing, extraordinary, mind-blowing father in general," he humbly declared when asked if he was ready to be one. 

Apparently, this love story goes back a long way, as the chronicles say that the musician had been in love with Rihanna for years, but they had always remained friends. There are even those who point to the year 2013 as the origin of this story because it is when they coincided in the Diamonds world tour, in which A$AP Rocky had the honor of being Rihanna's opener. It seems that their status changed last summer and at Christmas, they were spotted having dinner together and complicit in Barbados.

However, it was not possible to confirm the love story if none of the two took the step. Rihanna is not very given to public displays of affection, let's not forget Drake's speech at the MTV awards in which she not only praised him professionally but also declared her love for him, a turning point in the relationship they had at the time and which came to an end.

"Waiting for him to finish that speech was probably the most awkward moment of all," she would later declare in an interview for 'Vogue'. In 2017, A$AP was linked to Kendall Jenner, but also to Brazilian model Daiane Sodré. Meanwhile, Rihanna's last known partner was Saudi billionaire Hassan Jameel, with whom she broke up in 2019, after maintaining a discreet relationship.

Since then she has not confirmed any romance, but this is not something that has worried the artist, who has always been very critical when asked about her sentimental life, hoping that it is her professional success and her personality that define her and not her luck in love or the man who accompanies her on her path.

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