The Roman weekend for Diletta and Can.

The Roman weekend for Diletta and Can.

Diletta and Can in Rome

Taking advantage of a work commitment on Saturday, May 15 on the occasion of the Derby between Rome and Lazio at 6pm, sports anchorwoman Diletta Leotta spent the weekend in Rome at the home of her boyfriend Can Yaman.

She arrived in Rome on Friday evening and had dinner with Can at home, but it is not known which of the two cooked, and then left early Saturday afternoon to go to the stadium and then return home again.

With the weather different from last weekend they thought it would be nice to spend some time at home away from prying eyes.

The pictures published on Wednesday by the weekly magazine CHI, where Can and Diletta in bathing suits and bathrobes were photographed in an accomplice and loving attitudes at the edge of a swimming pool of a luxury resort on Lake Como, are still making a fuss. These pictures have put an end to all the slander that have circulated about their liaison, a story that the two want to live without fuss and it could not be otherwise after the attacks made by Diletta to the world of Gossip, including paparazzi, criticism that we think is not fair and even offensive.

Today, after a few appearances from the window, Can and Diletta took a walk and then headed to "The Sanctuary Eco Retreat" in Colle Oppio, happy and safe they walked hand in hand, not caring about the paparazzi and the fans who captured them.

After a fleeting snack, they went back home and drove the Porsche to Eden where he did some massages that he already did when he was a guest there.

At 9pm they got back into the Panamera and ran back home to have a romantic candlelight dinner.

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