Till 20 thousand euros. Diletta Leotta and Can Yaman, thrown the suspicion: What happened to the couple

Till 20 thousand euros. Diletta Leotta and Can Yaman, thrown the suspicion: What happened to the couple

The love affair between Diletta Leotta and Can Yaman continues to hold the bench even in these hours. They talked about fictions, fake and real love, creating a double front against the vip couple. The two have always confirmed they really love each other and they have always sent back the hardest accusations, which have become more and more frequent in the last period.

Now, however, a piece of news has come out really very impressive and at the same time sensational. All the newspapers do nothing but try to catch the sports journalist and the Turkish actor together to make scoops. But perhaps not everyone had thought that there could also be someone ready to actually demolish the two lovebirds. And here they came out with some incredible hypothesis, which would ruin the sentimental relationship.

There are really a lot of photographers who are trying to take very remarkable pictures, regarding Can Yaman and Diletta Leotta. And there are also those who would be ready to catch them in the act, while they are in questionable attitudes. Yes, we are really talking about an alleged betrayal. And the paparazzo Paolone has revealed the amount of money that could be earned if Can Yaman were to be caught with another woman other than the presenter of Dazn.

When he was asked how much it would cost to discover Can Yaman with another woman, Paolone replied: "Let's say that if you were to catch Can with another girl, let's say that he is cheating on Diletta Leotta, I think that 18-20 thousand euro would be enough". The paparazzo has also revealed another very strange background: the shutters of the woman's house would be lowered in a suspicious way, so there would be an investigation on this situation. It is not given in fact to know who is really in his residence.

Meanwhile, Diletta Leotta has been seen au naturel recently. The 29-year-old Sicilian has just come out of the shower, she still has her hair wet and the towel wrapped around her body and, above all, she looks completely made-up. Natural, clean and soapy. But she's still a stunner. Just like after the real 'transformation' by the make-up artist Martina Chiacchio. Diletta's hair is perfectly wavy and falls to her shoulders, even though her face is still natural.

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