We were about to lose Serkan Bolat: Kerem Bürsin was going to go to the United States before the pandemic.

We were about to lose Serkan Bolat: Kerem Bürsin was going to go to the United States before the pandemic.

We almost missed Serkan Bolat. The Love is in the air star was already a favorite among fans of Turkish soap operas, but we almost didn't get to meet him. Kerem Bürsin was planning to go to the U.S. just before the pandemic broke out. With the world at a standstill, he was forced to stay in Turkey and got the script for the series that he would later star as the lead actor with Hande Erçel. 

If it wasn't the coronavirus another actor would have taken his role and it certainly would have been very different. In an interview with Ezgi Mola, the actor confessed his plans.

I had this plan, I wanted to go to America but the quarantine thing happened. So I said, it looks like I'm not going to America. I'm staying here. The script really appealed to me. So I said to myself, I'll do this job.

Kerem Bürsin grew up in the United States because of his father's job, which forced the family to move from city to city every few years. For this reason, he lived in Sugar Land (Texas) and, later, in Boston (Massachusetts). He also spent some time in Los Angeles, making his own way as an actor. He made his first steps in the world of acting on the other side of the pond. In 2010 he landed a role in a Syfy movie, Sharktopus - which fans of the genre love - but it wasn't long before he decided he wanted to visit Turkey.

People were asking me about my name in the U.S. and what things I had done in Turkey. I had no answer. I was Turkish but I had never lived in Turkey, so I decided to move there," he confessed in an interview with Hürriyet. The death of a good friend prompted a change of scenery and prompted his move to his family's country.

Therefore, it is not surprising that he had in mind to return to the United States after starring in several series for Turkish television. The plan seemed perfect. He is fluent in English and already had enough demonstrable experience to be taken into account by agents, but he didn't expect the pandemic to break out, which forced him to stay in Turkey.

Perhaps at the time he didn't take it very well, however, at the time the role of Serkan Bolat was given to him, which has brought him to the attention of audiences in many different countries and he has met Hande Erçel, his current girlfriend.

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