Burak Sergen of 'Kara Sevda' loses custody of his son: In Turkey belongs to the mothers.

Burak Sergen of 'Kara Sevda' loses custody of his son: In Turkey belongs to the mothers.

Burak Sergen, the actor who brought to life the evil Galip Kozcuoğlu in 'Kara Sevda', has suffered a tough legal setback. Days after his sudden and unexpected wedding to his girlfriend Nihan Ünsal right out of the hospital, he has lost joint custody of his 11-year-old son Cansın.

According to TV100 journalist Birsen Altuntaş, after a long court battle, and after hearing witnesses in court, the judge annulled custody enjoyed by the couple and has awarded full custody to Işıl Sergen, the actor's ex-wife and mother of the child. 

"It was an expected news"

Hours after learning of the court's decision, the actor showed his regret on his Instagram profile. "As much as I avoid talking about my private life, unfortunately, we can't escape these things. We are going through a pretty difficult time and I ask for some understanding. A case was opened to have joint custody but the court decided to give it to the mother. This was long-awaited news," said the actor, who regretted the decision. " Nor I or the mother have changed, it's just a court decision. In Turkey, custody always goes to the mother."

Işıl Sergen, the actor's ex-wife, shared her happiness for the judicial decision.
Also through her social networks, the mother of the little boy wanted to express herself. Also, actress Işıl Sergen shared her happiness after leaving behind the bad times experienced in recent years. "It was not easy, it was not fast... As if I had to give birth to my son again.... Today flowers bloomed in place of my two years of tears, anxiety, and insomnia. My great fight for the custody of my son has come to an end. Today is a new beginning for us," wrote the actress, who especially wanted to thank her lawyer for his support in this hard process.

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