Can Yaman and Demet are no longer speaking. Is Diletta involved? What the rumors say

Can Yaman and Demet are no longer speaking. Is Diletta involved? What the rumors say

The two actors no longer speak to each other, Demet distances herself from Diletta's boyfriend.

Can Yaman and Demet Ozdemir ended up at the center of a fuss raised by the well-known paparazzo Paolone. In fact, on the evening of June 13, the photographer live on Instagram in the company of Cristian Alaimo, talked about the two actors, protagonists of the soap opera Daydreamer - The Wings of Dream.

During the live broadcast, the paparazzo answered the insistent questions he was asked about the two actors. According to Paolone's report, Demet would not like to hear any more about Can.

"Demet Ozdemir doesn't want to hear any more about Can Yaman," Daydreamer - The Wings of Dream, actors are far apart.

During the Instagram live, Alaimo brought to Paolone's attention the comment of a user who pointed out that, according to her, "Demet doesn't want to know about Can anymore". The photographer then confirmed the indiscretion by saying:

"That was what I heard from Turkey as well, who told me exactly that. And also from a person very close to Demet, that's what he told me."

The photographer went on to speculate about a possible relationship he had previously, in fact, he said:

" For me, they do not have a relationship, they used to have relationships in the past, they worked together".

On the contrary, the fortune teller reported appreciating the two actors for their convincing performance, which seems to show great complicity between them.

Will it have been a distancing due to Can Yaman's current partner, Diletta Leotta?

The two actors in the past have always claimed to be friends even outside the set. In an interview with Ozdemir, she stated that even though they don't get to see each other much, Can is someone she loves very much.

Yaman reported that he feels lucky to have worked with the actress some time ago, whom he considers very good, funny, and energetic, always ready to lift his spirits.

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