Can Yaman and Diletta, the actor's mother would not like the idea of the trip to Turkey

Can Yaman and Diletta, the actor's mother would not like the idea of the trip to Turkey

The love story between Can Yaman and Diletta Leotta continues. Between ups and downs, sightings, and various paparazzi, the two protagonists of the Gossip of the moment continue to be at the center of media attention. 

In the last few hours, the "presence" of Can Yaman's mother has been mentioned again. Apparently, in fact, the woman would not be completely enthusiastic about the love story between her son and the Italian sports anchorwoman who seems to have "stolen his heart".

Can and Diletta's possible trip to Turkey
In detail, Can and Diletta are at the center of gossip and news for their love story: in recent weeks, the two lovers have come out of the closet on social networks, posting pictures of their vacations together, like the one taken in Capri, where they appear happy and in love.

But, in these hours, there is also talk of a possible trip to Turkey that the two could face soon, so as to allow the family of the Turkish actor to meet his new girlfriend Diletta Leotta.

However, it would seem that first there is an obstacle to be "overcome". According to some indiscretions, Can's mother would not look favorably on this sentimental relationship that has been created with the sports presenter, the symbolic face of the streaming platform Dazn.

Can Yaman's mother would not be happy with the love story with Diletta
In these months, although the love story between Can and Diletta has become public knowledge, Mrs. Guldem has never said a word about the presenter - at least publicly - and it is hard to understand if this is a sign of respect for the privacy of the couple or a sort of signal.

The well-informed, in fact, say that Can's mother would not be 100% enthusiastic about this relationship and would not be in favor of the idea that her son could make a trip to Turkey with the one who could be his future wife.

Sandokan, the new TV series starring Can Yaman, is about to start filming.
The atmosphere would not be the best, even if up to this moment, despite the rumors and indiscretions circulating about them, both Can and Diletta have not said a word about their relationship with Mrs. Guldem.

Waiting to find out how the story will evolve, for Can Yaman some very important professional commitments are coming. The Turkish actor, in fact, will soon be engaged on the set of the fiction Sandokan, where he will act alongside Luca Argentero.

The fiction will consist of a total of 8 episodes of 50 minutes each and will keep Can busy for the whole summer season.

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