Can Yaman and Diletta Leotta fly to Turkey for presentations to parents and yes, they are beautiful

Can Yaman and Diletta Leotta fly to Turkey for presentations to parents and yes, they are beautiful

 "My daughter and my son."

Despite rumors and the most suspicious, the love between Can Yaman and Diletta Leotta continues to grow and goes with the wind in their sails, with these two lovebirds more and more in love, happy and willing to get serious. In fact, according to some rumors, the actor of Mr. Wrong and the contestant of Celebrity Hunted 2 are planning to get married soon and so before starting the preparations that will lead them to take the plunge, Can and Diletta flew to Turkey to spend a few days in the native land of the 31-year-old who with the excuse of bringing the partner " of her world", has also introduced his girlfriend to his family.

With the official presentations, a very important gesture made by Can has made his relationship with Diletta even more serious. It is so that the presenter of DAZN and her partner in recent days have flown to Istanbul to meet Mr. and Mrs. Yaman who, it seems, have welcomed Leotta with open arms, considering her from the first moment as a sort of daughter in law, just as Mrs. Guldem Can write on her Instagram profile next to a photo that showed her with Yaman and Leotta. 

"My daughter and my son," wrote proudly Can's mom who, apparently, was pleasantly impressed by the meeting with her future daughter-in-law finally putting to rest the rumors that wanted her to be rather distrustful towards her since she was convinced that Diletta had approached her son to get some publicity.

It only took a meeting, a handshake, and a few glances was enough to convince mom Guldem about the love Diletta feels for Can and made her forget in a second all the past negative thoughts that, honestly, we also had at first. After all, things between the Turkish actor and the Italian anchorwoman have happened very quickly, which has led us to suspect on more than one occasion the veracity of this relationship which, in just 6 months, has crossed all possible and conceivable steps. 

Can and Diletta in fact met with an exchange of messages via Instagram and then meet for the first time after a few weeks in a wonderful hotel in Rome where between a tour of the Colosseum and a plate of Carbonara, love broke out that today finds them ready to swear eternal love.

Can's proposal has been coming for a long time and after some hesitation, Diletta has decided to wear the ring (Tiffany's) on her finger and to start the preparations for her wedding with her boyfriend. Initially, the date of the wedding was set for the month of August but then, due to some undefined problems, the couple would have decided to postpone the day of " I do" until a later date.

Are Diletta Leotta and Can Yaman planning to get married in secret? No kidding guys, we want to know everything about the preparations, we want to follow step by step the organization of the wedding, the choice of dress and location, until the day they say " I do". After all, the beauty of weddings is not just that?

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