Can Yaman and Diletta Leotta, Rosica's backstory: they don't sleep together but there is intimacy

Can Yaman and Diletta Leotta, Rosica's backstory: they don't sleep together but there is intimacy

Can Yaman and Diletta Leotta have been at the center of Gossip since the beginning of 2021, since their relationship came to the surface. In recent days, Alessandro Rosica has returned to talk about the couple of the moment, revealing the latest news about the protagonist of DayDreamer - Le ali del sogno and the sports presenter of Dazn. 

The influencer revealed that he got in touch with those who would work in the hotels where the couple would be staying and discovered that Can and Diletta would never sleep together. Rosica also claimed that Roberto Macellari would sleep in the room next to the Istanbul actor.

Can Yaman wouldn't sleep with Diletta Leotta: Rosica's backstory
Can Yaman has been engaged to Diletta Leotta for a few months and, despite there being some who doubt the veracity of their relationship, the couple continues to show smiles on social media and in public. Alessandro Rosica published a post on his Instagram account, in which he confirmed his version of the facts, believing the engagement between the showgirl and the Turkish actor to be fake. 

In this regard, the influencer wrote on Instagram: ''There is absolutely nothing and I'll tell you tonight''. Rosica claimed to have evidence, which would confirm that the Turkish actor and the showgirl would not sleep together.

The evidence Rosica would have on Can Yaman and Diletta Leotta
Alessandro has revealed that he has seen evidence that would have provided him with some people belonging to the staff of the hotels where the Turkish actor and the sportswoman would stay. In this regard, Rosica said he has received evidence that would leave no doubt: the couple of the moment would have moments of intimacy.

The influencer has revealed that he has been confronted with the staff of the hotels, whose identities must remain anonymous, otherwise, they would lose their jobs, and has declared: "The script would be practically identical every time".

Diletta Leotta and Can Yaman would sleep separately
However, Alessandro Rosica added a detail, revealing that Yaman and Leotta would not sleep together: ''Why do they sleep apart if there is so much love?!?''.

The influencer revealed, moreover, that Macellari, Can's right-hand man, would spend the night in the room next to the Turkish actor, with some young girls, including a certain Rossella. Rosica affirmed that, according to her, both Diletta and Can would be aware of Roberto's dates. The influencer then concluded his post on Instagram, speculating that many things will happen in the future, confiding: ''The more we go on, the more the plot thickens. We're going to see some good things.

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