Can Yaman's talent that has left us with our mouths wide open

Can Yaman's talent that has left us with our mouths wide open

Look, we can't explain it. A hundred kilos and more than 1'80 and he is able to do something amazing, that still has us with our mouths open. We would love to have this talent of Can Yaman, but we already tell you that not everyone can, it is something reserved for a few...

And no, it's not coming out of the water that good. It has more to do with his bearing, his features, his anatomy, and everything he is working on in the gym to perfect it. Because nothing else, but for his role of Sandokan he is working hard, with many hours of intensive training. Because Sandokan fights, Sandokan rides a horse, Sandokan is fearless. And Can Yaman was already looking pretty good, but he has to pretend to do that every day, without getting tired. So come burpees, you know, come push-ups, come miles of running.

But you also have to train your elasticity, so Sandokan doesn't have to do a double flying kick, one for each side, to crush two bad guys at the same time. So after a lot of training, stretching, and effort, this is the result:

There you have it. Leg well up, above his head. And he doesn't flinch. So despite his 100 kilos and his 6'2" height, he's super flexible. I'm sure Diletta Leotta already knew this, of course. But it's blown us away. But wait, because Can Yaman has done a 'hold my drink' and has gone one better.

This is what a 'espagat de libro' is, the 180º leg opening. As if he were Almudena Cid, Tamara Rojo or Igor Yebra. And as if it does not cost him any effort. Of course, here the cap covers her face, so maybe he is crying from the pain (what would happen to me, come on) and we don't see it.

And the good thing is that we already have more hints of what his Sandokan character is going to be like. We are already imagining him in a fray, doing somersaults, flying kicks and dodging swords. With his turban and eyeliner, like any good pirate worth his salt. We see him, we see him.

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