Couple Hande Erçel-Kerem Bürsin : We are lucky

Couple Hande Erçel-Kerem Bürsin : We are lucky

According to the news of Tolga Aslan of Habertürk; Girne American University organized the "Golden Wings Award Ceremony" on the occasion of the 35th anniversary of the foundation. The couple Hande Erçel-Kerem Bürsin attended the award ceremony together.

Erçel, who dazzled her fans with her elegance, received the "Best Actress of the Year" award and Kerem Bürsin the "Best Actor of the Year" award. The duo then went to meet the journalists and talked to them.

Hande Erçel, who shot with Kenan Doğulu and his family in Bodrum over the past few weeks, said, "It was a really nice shoot. I met Kenan's family there, they were really nice people. I wish I had more time if I could spend more time."

Celebrating the birthday of his lover Kerem Bürsin with the photo he shared on his social network account, the famous actress said, "It came from my heart, I shared it."

The journalists asked: "Do you think you were lucky together? Kerem Bürsin answered the question " Absolutely".

Hande Erçel, 27, was asked by journalists recently, "Are you thinking about marriage?" In response, she replied, "We are just doing our job right now. We have a nice relationship."

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