DILETTA LEOTTA: In Naples sexist chorus against me. Catcalling? Better an applause.

DILETTA LEOTTA: In Naples sexist chorus against me. Catcalling? Better an applause.

Diletta Leotta was a guest at "Venus Club", the Italia Uno program hosted by Lorella Boccia, talking about her relationship with the spectators at the stadium: "There is no soccer without fans - she said -. For almost a year now, I have had to present the matches entering empty stadiums and such an important element as the audience that is missing is an absence that cannot be filled".

In this regard, the blonde presenter of DAZN recalled the ugly episode that saw her as the unfortunate protagonist at the Diego Armando Maradona stadium in Naples, when it was still called San Paolo: "They made a chorus against me, they dedicated me a chorus that initially was also nice and funny - she specified  A small minority began to scream very unkind things, that a woman would never want to hear. I reacted with a smile, but in a firm and hard way.

I am against any kind of violence, racial, sexist, and against anyone. In that case, the balance was crossed, it went beyond." What about catcalling? "Catcalling is technically a bad thing. Is there booing? You don't turn around. Is there applause? I turn around as many times as you want."

Diletta Leotta: "I like respectable men".

Diletta Leotta, the presenter of DAZN, was Lorella Boccia's guest in the fifth episode of "Venus Club". The sports journalist, at the center of the news for her flirtation with the Turkish actor, Can Yaman, answered a few questions about football and soccer players, also talking about how her relationship with the sport has changed in the last year: "For me, it's not soccer without fans.

It's something I will never get used to. It is very difficult to comment on a match without such an important element as the public. A very strong silence. And I miss that thing a lot". According to Diletta Leotta, Inter Milan midfielder Nicolò Barella is one of the strongest Italian players: "I'm rooting for him because I believe that one day he will take us to the top".

Filed the soccer topic, Lorella Boccia wanted to talk about men with her guest: "I don't like the egocentric man, the first woman must be the woman", said Leotta.

Diletta Leotta: "I did crazy things for love".

Without ever mentioning Can Yaman's name, Diletta Leotta said she dreams of a man like her grandfather by her side: "Today's men are like yesterday's men and I hope like Tomorrow's men. They are good men, honest, who have respect for the woman, and love for the woman.

I think I want to find a good man." Perhaps a brief mention of her current boyfriend, she made it while talking about the follies done for love: "Now every day is a folly. Even just the fact of carving out time to be with the person you love, this is already a wonderful madness". Finally, the sports anchorwoman recalled her experience at the Sanremo Festival, where she participated as a guest in 2017 and joined Amadeus at the helm (1st and 5th final nights) in 2020: "Sanremo is the culmination of everything. There is nothing more beautiful than Sanremo.

It's a mix of emotions. Even the location, the place makes you experience very strong emotions. It makes you feel important." At Christmas 2021 Diletta Leotta makes her debut in the cinema with Alessandro Siani and Christian De Sica.

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