Erçel and the Doğulu family together

Erçel and the Doğulu family together

According to Haberturk's Hakan Yagci; Hande Erçel, who confessed her love to Kerem Bürsin, an actress like her, in the Maldives, Hande Erçel went to Bodrum with her older sister Gamze Erçel and her niece Mavi for the shooting of the magazine.

Kenan Doğulu, along with his wife Beren Saat, older brother Ozan Doğulu, sister Canan Doğulu and mother Serpil Doğulu, went before the cameras to pose for the same magazine.

Those who saw Doğulu and Erçel's family on top of the pier during the family shooting at a hotel in Torba could not hide their surprise. Measures were taken to prevent the photos taken from being seen by the public on their cell phones.

Erçel, who spoke with members of the press after the shoot, said, "I came for the shoot, not for a vacation. We work on our days off. We expect the work to be finished by mid-summer or August, we have such a project. After that, I deserved a vacation, it's been years since we've done it.. "It was a small vacation in the Maldives, but we were home for a very long time. We ran away, we came... . It was sweet for me."

Erçel, who said, "I play sports and I get very nervous when I can't play sports," also addressed the claim that the producers chose the lead actors based on the number of social media followers.

Erçel said: "Can such a thing happen? I never think of such a thing. So how did they choose it before Instagram? I don't think about my job that simply."

The actress, who did not neglect to make statements about her relationship with Kerem Bürsin, displayed shy attitudes. Erçel said, "A new relationship. You knew directly when it started. I always said: 'You will find out when there is someone in my life. "It was only a professional friendship, then it became a relationship."

Hande Erçel and Kerem Bürsin, who made the statement "We are friends" at every opportunity, visited the Maldives after the season finale of the series they played. The duo's love was documented by their fans.

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