Evrim Doğan, Ayfer in 'Love is in the air': impatient, passionate and a natural talent.

Evrim Doğan, Ayfer in 'Love is in the air': impatient, passionate and a natural talent.

When she was offered the chance to play Ayfer, Evrim Doğan had it clear, he saw in her a strong woman with whom she could feel a connection and jumped right into the adventure. The result could not have been more positive, she plays one of the most important women in Eda's (Hande Erçel) life in the Turkish origin TV series 'Love is in the air', her aunt. 

Thanks to her we have heard such positive advice as "never give up on your dreams" or "you don't need a man to save you", something that never hurts to hear from time to time, especially from the mouth of someone who loves you well, as is the case of Eda and the close relationship she has with her aunt, in whose flower shop she worked at the beginning of the series, before starting her love story with Serkan (Kerem Bürsin).

As on so many occasions, Evrim's arrival in the world of acting was almost anecdotal, she wanted to study psychology but finally did not achieve what she expected in her entrance exams. The grade gave her to sign up for Tourism and Hotel Management, and this was the career for which she opted, putting land in the middle to get away from her family a little and enjoy life without anyone watching her, neither her parents nor her sister. 

A great idea, almost as great as signing up for theater to meet new people, something that began as a simple hobby and for which it soon became clear that she had a natural talent, especially after one of her first auditions, when her casting partner completely changed the script and she, instead of backing out, improvised. Needless to say, the role was hers.

However, it seems that despite the previous disappointments, her strategy is effective, as she has now found someone who makes her happy. After divorcing Turkish actor Hasan Şahintürk, to whom she was married for eight years, she is now in a solid relationship with fellow actor Yener Özer (37), in whom she seems to have found her other half. 

"Now I am with a person who has experienced the same disappointments, like me, and I wake up in love again every morning," she said of her current relationship. Her future plans do not seem to include the possibility of another wedding, nor the possibility of having children, even though her mother, a specialist in audits, occasionally mentions that she will regret it in the future. This was revealed by the interpreter herself during an interview for 'Aksam' in 2016, three years after the end of her marriage: "I don't think it's going to be like that", she said on that occasion.

Little details about her life that she herself confessed during an interview for 'Kelebek', where she also confessed that she is very impatient, but despite this, she has learned to focus her energy and now she is able to enjoy the present.

A present that doesn't look bad, since the characters she plays seems to have the support of the public and, thanks to that, so does she. "Maybe it's because I played them with love, will, illusion and sincerity", she said in that interview about the affection that her characters receive, an attitude that she seems to imprint on all aspects of her life, since she confessed that when she falls in love, she gives herself completely, something that has not always worked out well, "sometimes it can be too much for the other person", she confessed.

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