Kerem Bürsin and his 'embarrassing' B-movie before he hit it big with 'Love is in the air'.

Kerem Bürsin and his 'embarrassing' B-movie before he hit it big with 'Love is in the air'.

A lethal genetic hybrid of shark and octopus was supposed to be the ultimate weapon of the U.S. Navy, but instead, by golly, it escapes and ends up spreading terror in the waters of Puerto Vallarta to become the movie 'Sharktopus', produced directly for television by the SyFy channel. The film boasts a low-budget, trashy production, a catchy soundtrack, and a protagonist that nowadays raises passions all over the world, Kerem Bürsin.

The Turkish actor who plays Serkan Bolat in 'Love is in the air' alongside Hande Erçel has, like everyone else, a past. And before landing his first big role in his home country with the series 'Günesi Beklerken', Bürsin was a globetrotter who from his native Istanbul lived in places as disparate as Scotland, Indonesia, Dubai, and the United States, where after finishing his studies he began to participate in short films and B-movies.

As he recounted in an interview for 'Screen Anarchy', his role in 'Sharktopus' happened by chance. "I was working at a marketing company while I was busy going on auditions. One day at work, a friend of mine called me and said, 'Never mind that you're at work, stop what you're doing, send me your picture and resume now, bye.' Later they called me to set me up for casting."

"When I got there, there were no more actors and I found myself there reading for [legendary producers] Julie and Roger Corman, and I froze. I left feeling miserable, thinking I'd had an incredible opportunity that I'd completely wasted. A few days later, I got a call from my friend saying I'd gotten the part; I think he was as surprised as I was. Then, before I knew it, I was in Puerto Vallarta". Despite the fact that his role includes scenes such as holding his breath underwater, surfacing in a Mexican sombrero, and asking two lovely ladies to dance while taking tequila shots, the actor has no regrets about being in the film.

"I'm not ashamed at all," he confessed in the same interview. "I'm still amazed to be able to say that 'Sharktopus' was my first film. If anyone takes it too seriously, I'm afraid they're missing the point...or the fun. For me, it was a pleasant surprise." Although the actor doesn't aspire to be an action star, he did prove with this role that he is comfortable in films with gunfire and explosions, showing off a well-prepared body in the process. As Bürsin says, his idea is to have as varied an artistic resume as possible and to keep looking ahead.

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