Kerem Bürsin: I am lucky to be with Hande Erçel

Kerem Bürsin: I am lucky to be with Hande Erçel

Kerem Bürsin said that he had lived in many countries around the world. Although the actor is talking about Istanbul, I have already been to Istanbul. We had a summer house in Silivri. My adventure in Turkey started with Silivri. Then I decided to move to Istanbul. I have been in this magical city for 8 years. "I think it makes sense for me to be here," he said.

Bürsin, 34, said, "When I first moved, many of my friends asked me, 'Why do you use the subway? ' "They were bringing the situation to a class thing. That's not the case anywhere in the world. It was hard to understand. The subway is a convenient thing. I'd rather go somewhere in 15 minutes, instead of going in two hours," he said.

Kerem Bürsin, who said he has a great interest in soccer, said, "I come from Galatasaray. Beşiktaş deserved the championship this season. I also have sympathy for them. I think we should continue with Fatih Terim as a coach. I love Fatih Terim very much. He is a very successful and respected coach. " said

About his relationship with Hande Erçel, Bürsin said, "We had never met before. We talk about the first day we met. So 'When?' "We got together because of work. Our friendship turned into a relationship. We are very close friends and we supported each other in difficult times. After a while, of course, 'My God, I wonder?" we said. We are lucky. I'm lucky to be with Hande. "

Kerem Bürsin, "Are you a macho man? Do you interfere with your partner's outfit?"He replied: "I don't think I'm a macho man. Being macho doesn't fit my politics. The feminist policy is not the same as machismo. I can never say 'I didn't get involved in the past'.I see it as a mistake. I've made mistakes. There was no insult, but 'You're going to wear this! I said something, but as I read books, I saw how wrong they are."

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