Kerem Bürsin: I don't think the public would like the ending of 'ove is in the air as I would like it.(full interview)

Kerem Bürsin: I don't think the public would like the ending of 'ove is in the air as I would like it.(full interview)

The audience of Love is in the air, the successful Turkish series of Mediaset, knows very well Serkan Bolat, the ambitious architect and businessman who stars in it, but less so its actor, Kerem Bürsin.

As is often the case, as hard as it is sometimes for us to believe when we get too deep into the plot of a series, this American-trained Turkish actor is very different from the character who makes Eda (Hande Erçel) fall in love with him in Love is in the air.

For starters, despite having studied in the mecca of cinema, or perhaps because of it, Kerem Bursin is not a big fan of "Hollywood" type happy endings. He made this clear in an exclusive interview he gave to Mediaset when he joked in response to the question of how he would like his story with Eda to end in the second season that is currently being filmed. "I'm the worst person you could ask that question to (laughs). I don't like happy endings. I'm more of a 'let's surprise everybody' kind of ending, so I don't think the audience would like my ending (laughs)."

Kerem Bürsin (34) admits to having points in common with the character that has brought him worldwide fame. "Although I would like to say that we are not alike, the truth is that there are some similarities. Sometimes I get stuck in some aspects, as he does, but apart from that, we are quite different."

He would like to work with Bardem, Úrsula Corberó and Alba Flores.
Awarded in 2017 with the Best Actor award at the Seoul International Drama Awards for his performance in Bu Sehir Arkandan Gelecek, Kerem Bürsin tells in this interview other details to know him a little more, like for example, who are the Spanish actors and actresses he admires. If his partner Hande Erçel said she would like to work with Miguel Ángel Silvestre, his partner in fiction and in real life says he admires Javier Bardem and actresses Úrsula Corberó and Alba Flores (La casa de papel, Vis a vis).

"I speak little Spanish, but I'm teaching."
Who knows if he will end up working with any of them. For the moment, "I speak very little Spanish, but I've been giving classes, so we'll see how it evolves."

Kerem Bürsin has a great sense of humor. He says he accepted the role of Serkan Bolat because when he read the script, "I felt I had to be part of this. I knew I would have a lot of fun with Serkan Bolat and honestly, after being in a lot of dramatic films, I felt like laughing while working."

Also, when asked what it's like filming the series, the first thing he responds that it's "a lot of fun," as is the fact that "Serkan Bolat has become and is an important part of my artistic career. It's been a lot of fun to have him around."

"To prepare for the character of Serkan, I thought about what kind of animal he would be."
Regarding how he has prepared for the character, the actor tells that he worked with "Esin Doğan, great acting coach."

Her method was working "on what kind of animal Serkan would be. I have an object that reminds me of him, and there are also several people in my life that vaguely remind me of him. All this has allowed me to shape him, and obviously, the text is one of the best guides to explore the character even more."

"The pace of the shoot is the hardest thing to manage."
The most difficult thing about filming Love is in the air is the fast pace they keep. "It's a very interesting job, because the episodes last an average of 130 minutes and the scripts are between 100 and 130 pages long. Shooting this in five days means we spend a lot of time on set. I think the pacing is probably the hardest thing to manage."

"Hande is an amazing actress with a huge heart."
Perhaps because of the number of hours she spends with the Love is in the air crew, and with fellow actress Hande Erçel, they have finally ended up falling in love, as they have implied on social media. Although in this interview he focuses on his professional relationship with her.

She is an amazing actress and has a huge heart. She is a lovely person on set and with everyone she works with. She is also a very disciplined and conscientious actress. We are very lucky to have her on the team," he said about her.

The most emotional scene for him
As for the "most emotional" scene, it might be "when I discover that my family is responsible for the death of Eda's parents":

Trained in Boston and L.A., he hopes to "work on an international platform".
Although Spain has only recently met Kerem Bürsin, the actor has been working and training since the age of 13. "I worked in plays here and there, but there was one specific play where acting changed and went from being a childhood hobby to becoming a desire I longed to explore. So I went to Boston University [Emerson College], where I studied, participated in some plays and acted in student films. Subsequently, I moved to Los Angeles and started working with acting teacher Eric Morris."

His dream, now, is to be able to "work on an international platform," and he's not clear if fame has changed him. "I'm not sure. I don't think it has, but the best person you could ask is my family" (laughs).

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