Kerem Bürsin, the Ideal guy who shuns the handsome boy image

Kerem Bürsin, the Ideal guy who shuns the handsome boy image

Kerem Bürsin has become internationally famous as Serkan Bolat, the leading man in Love is in the air. The successful, elegant, and charming young businessman who ends up falling in love with the protagonist and, by the way, with his millions of fans around the world. The actor is grateful for the affection he receives from fans, but disagrees with the image many people have of him: he is not the typical handsome guy.

The truth is that in his native country he is not only seen as someone attractive. He has managed to rise as the "ideal Turk", as GQ Turkey defines him in an interview. "He can handle all the relationships in his life with finesse, takes good care of his health and body, knows languages, knows the problems and culture of his country. He looks like a dream come true," writes the media outlet about the actor.

Not only does he take care of his physique, he also uses his fame to give voice to the issues he considers necessary. For years he has been taking every public opportunity to speak out for women's rights or to denounce the terrible problem of climate change. He is well aware that he has a certain advantage in speaking out about uncomfortable situations and he takes advantage of it.

It's something he learned in his chaotic childhood, traveling from country to country. He regrets not being able to put down roots in one place, but along the way, he became more tolerant and open to all kinds of ideas. Bürsin moved to Turkey in 2013 to try his luck as an actor. He had been away all his life, living mainly in the United States, where he studied for a degree and had everything in place for a promising future as a publicist. But the death of his best friend and the need for a change of scenery made his return to his native country.

He became a star, but he was not blinded by fame. He is aware that he lives in a profession that requires a lot of work and his total availability. "You may plant hundreds of seeds without realizing it. You have to locate them one by one and water them every day. Some may have thorns as they grow. It doesn't matter, you have to keep watering. You don't know what it will grow into. There will also be those who give up. But, unexpectedly, it will start to grow and surround you," says the actor.

Being a pretty boy doesn't fit into his philosophy. "I don't want to be young. I'm not that kind of guy. I can't spend my life being called the 'beautiful face on the screens.' I don't want to be handsome or anything," he assures. What he does strive to do is make time for himself. He tries to dedicate 20 minutes a day, not to distract himself with a series or a book, but to sort out his thoughts and see his relationship with himself.

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