'Love is in the air': Hande Erçel (Eda) gets harsh criticism from this influencer

'Love is in the air': Hande Erçel (Eda) gets harsh criticism from this influencer

After several months between courts, 'Love is in the air' actress Hande Erçel has been able to put an end to the tough battle against renowned Turkish influencer Lütfü Alp Kılınç. Recall that the latter was sued by the young woman after he publicly called her nothing more and nothing less than "carapan." What you read!

As confirmed by Divinity's colleagues, Hande Erçel initially asked for some 15,000 Turkish Liras (1,400 euros) for this insult. The court, for its part, has considered that amount to be absolutely excessive. Therefore, it has finally sentenced a compensation of 1,000 Turkish Liras (95 euros, approximately).

It seems that this sentence has not sat at all well with the influencer. So much so that he has made a new publication on his Instagram profile, dedicated entirely to the actress of 'Love is in the air'. In it there are several images where you can see the ruling of the sentence, a collage of before and after Hande Erçel, and even two photos of him laughing.

Along with this curious publication on Instagram, the Turkish influencer has written the following message: "Thanks to me you have had a bichectomy. You owe me your job." What is a fact is that, despite the controversy, the actress has finally been able to close this chapter so long and so heavy in her life.

Let's remember that it has been no more and no less than two years since she put that lawsuit to Lütfü Alp Kılınç. A fact that will generate a lot of peace of mind to Hande Erçel, who is currently immersed in the recording of new episodes of 'Love is in the air' with Kerem Bürsin (Serkan Bolat).

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