Neslihan Atagül's husband, Kadir Doğulu , explosive confession: Neslihan can't be my soul mate...

Neslihan Atagül's husband, Kadir Doğulu , explosive confession: Neslihan can't be my soul mate...

Neslihan Atagül's husband, Kadir Doğulu, made many confessions about his marriage with Atagül and his career. Here is the interview with Kadir Doğulu...

Is this the same as your wife's leaky gut syndrome?

How is her health?
she recovered after 6-7 months of intense attention and care. But she has to protect her body.

What are you living?
Toxic drugs in food bother everyone, but the symptoms are different. They say that this disease is the basis of diseases such as immunity and the nervous system. I refuse to tell them in a newspaper. People can consult their doctor. We now grow fruits and vegetables ourselves in our home garden. Or we buy from places we trust.

Have you been rejected a lot in life?
I've been rejected a few times, I've had some hard times. For example, in my first year as an actor, I was very spoiled. Losing, falling on my butt, I said to myself, "Get up, walk straight, fame is a slippery slope, you will know how to walk." Now I try to walk.

Who has been your greatest mentor?
What I have lost from the people I loved, the things I enjoyed...

What effect does chance have on your life?
There is no such thing as coincidence. Coincidence is an unfortunate situation that a person attributes to himself as luck. If a person has written in their heart what they want to do with love, they will do it at the end of the day. Acting is something I wrote in my heart when I was a child.
We played with Sinem Kobal in 'Little Secrets'. The character I played was so unmanly for Sinem's character that I left social media there. I turned off Twitter, they found my email address. I turned it off, they found my home address, I changed my address. I begged the producer, "Separate these characters now." Now our lovers are doing it to people too. But this love is teaching me a lot.

Like what?
This love does not belong to me, it belongs to them. I take good care of their remains for them. In the comments I've read, I'm neither thrilled nor saddened by the compliment.

Do you suffer from detention or have a tattoo?
Actually, these are my grandmother's products.

How did she do it?
She was very affectionate. She gave birth to 11 children and has 69 grandchildren. she lived to be 103 years old. for the first three months of our birth, she took care of us herself. she rubbed us with olive oil, put us in swaddling clothes, put eyeliner on our eyes. And my eyes stayed that way. All my brothers and sisters have it too.

We have muscle on our shoulders... Do you have baklava too?
It's been there since I was a kid, something from my forefathers... I'm lucky because I'm low in fat. I didn't get it with sports.

How has marriage changed your life?
It has changed tremendously, humanly. I found the effort to improve my humanity in my marriage.

Our seventh year of relationship... It all started with a pair of eyes, didn't it?
They said we would work with Neslihan for the TV series 'Fatih Harbiye'. I watched her work online, there was no feeling. On the day of the meeting, I entered the production company. I looked to the left, a pair of eyes, and said, "Who is she? I thought I was talking to myself. The producer tapped me on the shoulder, said, "Your partner."

What do you think is the secret to keeping love alive?
According to Hürriyet news, Kadir Doğulu answers the question as follows; "I look into her eyes. If she is happy, it doesn't bother me at all, but if she is stuck on something, I immediately try to turn it into myself. That effort excites me too."

Are you jealous of your wife's partners?
Neslihan is in the middle of my life. Someone who has contributed to my past and my future. She is the one who has led me into divine love with the metaphorical love she has brought into my life. You can't know divine love if you don't know metaphorical love. She is such a beautiful woman in my life.

But you didn't answer the question...
Because I don't understand this question. I fell in love with Neslihan in a place where I exposed my professional performance. Now I'm going to say: "Leave the trouble where I know you"? That would be cowardice. I envy her with my hands, with my eyes, even with my own breath, but it's not superficial envy. I know that if she is loyal to me in her heart, she is loyal to me.

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