Statement from Fahriye Evcen that upset her fans

Statement from Fahriye Evcen that upset her fans

The beautiful actress said, "This time we met for my friend's birthday. It was a nice day."

Responding to the claim that would be included in the TV series 'Innocent Apartments', Evcen said, "Where does this news come from? It does not reflect the truth."

Evcen, from the reporters, "Do you want to be involved in an ongoing series or would you like to be in a new TV series project?" To the question, "It's something that is directly proportional to the project. It's a situation that depends on the future project. There's no project I'll be involved in at this point," her answer upset her fans.

On the other hand, the beauty of Fahriye Evcen in white has attracted attention. The beautiful actress did not refuse the requests for photos from her fans.

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