An eventful marriage proposal! Sitare Akbaş, the new sweetheart of Murat Dalkılıç?

An eventful marriage proposal! Sitare Akbaş, the new sweetheart of Murat Dalkılıç?

The singer, who reportedly ended her relationship with her girlfriend of three years, Hande Erçel, "when Murat Dalkılıç said he wanted a child and the actress was not ready for that," fell in love again after the breakup.

According to the report of Deniz Bayar of Takvim The Beauty who conquered Dalkılıç's heart is actress Sitare Akbaş, who is also a friend of Hande Erçel. It was stated that the two have been in love for about three months.

At the concert of the famous singer, which took place in Çeşme, Akbaş was caught in the lenses looking at Dalkılıç from the front.

It was claimed that Dalkılıç, who reacted without denying the news of love sent to him, has made plans to marry actress Sitare Akbaş.

It was claimed that the pop singer, who shared this plan with some of his relatives, did not listen to the advice of "Do not be in a hurry, get to know each other well".

According to information obtained from Popcu's immediate entourage; Murat Dalkılıç, who has said he wants to be a father for years, will propose to Sitare Akbaş in the near future.

Meanwhile, Hande Erçel, with whom Murat Dalkılıç broke up after a long relationship, and his current sweetheart Sitare Akbaş, played a role in the same series for a while. After Hande Erçel decided to break up with Murat Dalkılıç, she started to have a love affair with Kerem Bürsin, with whom she shared the lead role in the TV series "Sen Çal Kapımı".

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