Are Can Yaman and Diletta Leotta at the end of the road? Paolone: They are tired of this acting

Are Can Yaman and Diletta Leotta at the end of the road? Paolone: They are tired of this acting

Can Yaman and Diletta Leotta are at the center of Gossip since the beginning of 2021, since their love story came to the surface. In recent days, on the net, rumors have leaked out about the alleged breakup of the couple's engagement. The paparazzo Paolone, on the evening of July 21, during an Instagram live, commented on the latest news about the protagonist of DayDreamer - The wings of the dream and the sports presenter of Dazn. According to the photographer, there would be no formality regarding the end of the relationship between the Istanbul actor and the presenter.

Moreover, Paolone stated that Leotta and Yaman would be tired of continuing to play the role of lovers.

Can Yaman and girlfriend Diletta Leotta: Paolone comment on the couple of the moment
Barbara Morris did an Instagram live in the company of Paolone, Alex Fiumara, and Sasà Martusciello. The social chat was inherent to the characters of the world of entertainment and gossip about them. In particular, the attention of the followers went towards the couple of the moment and one of the questions was about Yaman and his partner Leotta: ''Are we at the end of the road? The paparazzo Paolone replied: "Nothing official has come out. Rightly they are tired of this acting, now, more than anything else, I saw her, I think she's fed up.

For Paolone the story between Can Yaman and Diletta Leotta is not over yet
Paolone revealed that, after the rumors about the hypothetical end of the engagement between the Turkish actor and the Dazn sports anchorwoman, he received many messages from followers about the affair. The photographer said, ''So many were sending me little messages, but they split, they didn't break up, so many heard this thing here.

I put broken hearts, I was teasing them a bit and I wrote under believed, you understand?". The paparazzo Paolone has confirmed again that, at the moment, no official news has been released about the breakup between the future Sandokan and the presenter.

The story between Can Yaman and Diletta would be fake for Paolone
Can and Diletta have been having an affair since the beginning of 2021, but some people have doubts about the truthfulness of their love story. Among those who claim that the engagement of the couple of the moment is fake, there is Paolone himself who, during the live broadcast, confirmed his own view on the matter: ''If it had been a real relationship I would have been happy too, understand? But as you well know there is business below. During the chat, moreover, the paparazzo has informed that the sports presenter would have taken a flight in the evening of July 21 from Milan to Catania. We just have to wait a while to find out if the Turkish actor will reach his partner in Sicily or if it will be discovered that the relationship of the couple has come to an end.

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