Can and Diletta broke up? The backstory: 'She without a ring, they' have been apart for 11 days'.

Can and Diletta broke up? The backstory: 'She without a ring, they' have been apart for 11 days'.

Weekend apart for Can Yaman and Diletta Leotta: the most discussed couple of the moment continues to be the center of attention and media attention, thanks to the fact that in these days they have been spotted separately in two different places, while they were enjoying their summer vacations. A clue that has not gone unnoticed by fans and even the Gossip expert Alessandro Rosica, who continues to argue that the love story between the two has reached the end of the line, to the point that now the Leotta would no longer show even the ring of Can.

Separate vacations for Can Yaman and Diletta
In detail, after rumors and rumors about the weekend apart, Diletta Leotta herself has confirmed that this afternoon she posted some stories on her Instagram profile, confirming that she is in Sardinia.

The sports anchorwoman filmed herself in the moment in which she was performing a solo yoga lesson and, later, while she was making social content for R 101, the radio station of which she has been one of the prominent faces for several years.

In this vacation in Sardinia, Diletta appeared completely alone: at her side, in fact, there was no Can Yaman, who in those same evenings was in Puglia, precisely in Otranto.

Diletta shows herself without a ring: between the two would be over
The Turkish actor of DayDreamer and Mr. Wrong has been intercepted by a large group of fans and curious people who have approached Can to ask him for a photo, and the Turkish star didn't shirk, responding with kindness and grace.

As a matter of fact, this vacation apart has accessed significantly the attention on the couple, to the point that it is assumed loudly that the story between the two is already finished.

Alessandro Rosica has given us further clues. He has underlined the fact that Diletta would have shown up in Sardinia without her precious engagement ring, which was given to her by Can Yaman and which she always showed until a few days ago.

The silence of the couple Can Yaman - Diletta Leotta continues
Apparently, therefore, the sports anchorwoman would have removed the ring that was given to her by her boyfriend and for Rosica, there are no more doubts that their relationship is over.

" Even without the ring. Another confirmation. Since 11 days they are apart in every sense," wrote Rosica on social media confirming that between Can Yaman and his girlfriend Diletta, the relationship would already be over.

What is the truth of the facts at this point? The clues of this weekend are not lacking, although the two protagonists of the gossip of the moment have not yet spoken about the rumors that concern them.

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