Can and Diletta Leotta would break up, the report: 'It's over, incredible quarrel'

Can and Diletta Leotta would break up, the report: 'It's over, incredible quarrel'

There would be a twist in the love story between Can Yaman and Diletta Leotta.
The latest report on the most talked and discussed a couple of the moments comes from Alessandro Rosica, who on social media has made it known from his sources considered certain, that the love story between the two protagonists of the Gossip of the moment, would come to an end. According to the gossip expert, Can Yaman and his girlfriend Diletta would break up.

The background of Rosica on the social media couple Can-Diletta
In detail, through a series of stories published on social networks, Alessandro Rosica has communicated to his fans a sensational backstory related to the couple Can-Diletta.

The gossip expert, who in recent weeks has dealt several times with the two lovers revealing different backgrounds related to their relationship, admitted to having learned from reliable sources and close to the couple, that the love story between the two would be permanently terminated.

"Can and Diletta Leotta: the story just ended. We have come to an end. They broke up unless they come up with something else. Incredible fight. The circus is over. I'm only exposing myself like this because I'm 100% sure," Rosica said in his social stories posted on Instagram.

According to Rosica, the love story between Can Yaman and Diletta would be over

In short, the gossip expert Rosica, who never believed in the veracity of this sentimental relationship between Can Yaman and Diletta Leotta, is now very unbalanced about the couple because he claims to be sure of the definitive breakup.

But what is the truth of the facts at this point? It must be said that for a few days the two lovers did not appear together on social networks and that the last stories published in pairs date back to Sunday, July 11, when Italy won the European Football Championship.

On that occasion, Can and Diletta had spent the evening together, as witnessed by the stories they had posted on their social accounts.

From that moment on, on the two protagonists of the gossip of the moment, silence fell and the couple's social contents were no longer seen.

The silence of the couple Can-Diletta on social networks
In recent hours, Can Yaman had posted stories in Turkey, where he also underwent vaccination against Covid-19.

The Turkish actor, however, in the evening of yesterday has posted another story in which he announced his imminent return to Rome, where there are work commitments waiting for him.

In the last few hours, Rosica reported that Can and Diletta broke up after a furious quarrel. Will further elements emerge on this backstage of Rosica? All this will probably become clear in the course of the next hours.

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