Can and Diletta, Rosica: 'I assure you that they broke up'

Can and Diletta, Rosica: 'I assure you that they broke up'

The mystery concerning Can Yaman and Diletta Leotta continues to fascinate the pink chronicle. According to Alessandro Rosica, the couple has put an end to their relationship. But that's not all, the Gossip expert would have also raised doubts about the truthfulness of the relationship: the two could have stipulated a contract for visibility.

The indiscretion
Through a series of stories on Instagram, Alessandro Rosica is back to deal with the couple formed by Can Yaman and Diletta Leotta. According to the expert, the couple would have broken up: "I can assure you that it is over, no matter what".

Although the two directly concerned have not confirmed or denied the rumors about them, Rosica is convinced of what he says.

The direct interested party has not only limited himself to talk about the alleged breakup but has also raised a number of doubts. According to Rosica, Can and Diletta would have been together only for popularity.

Doubts about the couple
The Turkish actor and the Sicilian journalist are currently spending their vacations apart: he is in Puglia while she is in Sardinia. This is the first clue about the alleged breakup of the couple. According to Dagospia, there is another reason that would suggest a " deal " between the two. According to some indiscretions, Yaman would never have been at his girlfriend's house.

But there is more: the only times Can would have been at Diletta's house, the paparazzi were also present. After the trip to Turkey, it was thought that there was an imminent marriage between the two. To date, however, a date has never been revealed. In addition, the 29-year-old Sicilian since returning from her trip with Can Yaman seems to have also stopped wearing her engagement ring.

To this, it is not clear if in the actor's hometown something happened that put the couple in trouble.

At the moment, these are only suppositions, as no confirmation or denial has ever come from the two directly involved. In the past instead, Leotta had always denied unfounded rumors.

Leotta was spotted with a well-known rapper
Meanwhile, Diletta Leotta has been spotted in the company of a well-known rapper. We are talking about Salmo. Going into detail, the singer has posted on Instagram a shot in the company of the journalist. The young artist has ironized on the photo, so as to insert two hearts instead of eyes. The meeting between the two could be dictated by work reasons: both have participated in a musical event organized by Radio 105.

So, at least of sudden twists and turns between Diletta and Salmo should be denied categorically any kind of sentimental involvement.

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